We craft our beer in small batches, about 4 kegs at a time. This gives us the opportunity to experiment constantly with new flavors and styles. Our beer menu changes often so we're always in here brewing and there's always something new on tap.

Boardwalk Blonde Blonde Ale / ABV 4.3% / IBU 22

Beautiful, Blonde, Light, Easy, All the things you could wish for while drinking in the summer heat

Downtown Sugar Brown Brown Ale / ABV 6.0% / IBU 21

An English brown ale with a slight brown sugar flavor leaving a hint of sweetness. It's one of our most popular beers because of it's smoothness.

Plum Outta Ideas Belgian Golden on Plums / ABV 6.3% / IBU 22

Belgian Golden ale on Plums. That's right plums... we did it, why not? Maybe we could've put something else in it. Maybe not... We like it tho. Trust us. We wouldn't lie to you would we?

Beam Me Up Scotty Scottish Red Ale / ABV 5% / IBU 19

5 point 0 ABV!! No bloody A - B - C - or D!!
Oh Mr. Scott sure loved those computers on the Enterprise didnt he? A deliciously smooth Scottish Red beaming in for your fancy. Lightly aged on Oak and Heather for added Dilithium Crystals. We hope this pleases you and your Away Team

Bandwagon IPA / ABV 6.8% / IBU 23

Jump on the bandwagon! This low IBU, super fruity and citrusy IPA is brewed with a sexy dose of El Dorado hops and a healthy smattering of damn good times. Drink up y'all, and bring on summer!

Phineapple (on Nitro) Pale Ale on Nitro / ABV 5.2% / IBU 32

From our Nitro Line. A classic summer pale ale flavored with pineapple. This is the definition of "Summer in a Jar"