We craft our beer in small batches, about 4 kegs at a time. This gives us the opportunity to experiment constantly with new flavors and styles. Our beer menu changes often so we're always in here brewing and there's always something new on tap.

Boardwalk Blonde Blonde Ale / ABV 4.3% / IBU 22

Light and Easy, all the things you could wish for while drinking in the summer heat.

Punch it Chewie! Imperial Brown Ale / ABV 8.5% / IBU 33

ARRRGGHHHH! It's not our fault, they told us they fixed it! Well they did alright. Escape from the dreary February clouds and jump to light-speed with this intense, yet flavorful Imperial Brown ale.

Sofa King Sexy Dark Chocolate Stout w/ Strawberry / ABV 6.7% / IBU 33

Milk Stout made with dark chocolate cocoa, then aged on strawberries. When you're getting frisky by the fireplace this Valentine's Day, Hail to the Sofa King Baby!
Also made yearly for the Shorecraft "Love on Tap" event in FeBREWary.

*this beer contains lactose*

"SHOOT THE GLASS!" Doppelbock / ABV 8.2% / IBU 21

Traditional German high alcohol lager with strong malty flavors. This is our Christmas tribute to Die Hard! If you decide to "come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs..." After drinking a few of these cowboys you'll be telling Karl to "SchieƟ dem Fenster.. Shoot the Glass!"


Smells like a good bag. A really good bag. Dry hopped is a lovely amount of CTZ and also some Julius

Admiral JACKbar Barrel Aged Barleywine / ABV 11.6% / IBU 63

This Barleywine packs enough ABV to handle any attack on the Death Star. Don't let the smooth, malty flavor fool you into thinking this is a easy drinking beer. "IT'S A TRAP!"