We craft our beer in small batches, about 4 kegs at a time. This gives us the opportunity to experiment constantly with new flavors and styles. Our beer menu changes often so we're always in here brewing and there's always something new on tap.

Boardwalk Blonde Blonde Ale / ABV 4.3% / IBU 22

Beautiful, Blonde, Light, Easy, All the things you could wish for while drinking in the summer heat

Downtown Sugar Brown Brown Ale / ABV 6.0% / IBU 21

An English brown ale with a slight brown sugar flavor leaving a hint of sweetness. It's one of our most popular beers because of it's smoothness.

Dunkelstiltskin Dunkelweizen / ABV 6.3% / IBU 19

Weaving grain into liquid gold, If you can guess my name in 2 days, a pint then can be sold. From our "Weekend at Bernie's" series, a traditional dark German wheat beer boasting roasted caramel notes, burnt sugar and rye spiciness. A beer so delicious, you'd be willing to trade your first born child.

"Fin de la Saison" Saison / ABV 5.7% / IBU 24

It's seems as if just yesterday the summer was starting. Join us to "finish the season" with this lightly sweet, floral saison with hints of coriander. Thank you to all who walked through our doors and continued to make us feel like we were your home away from home!

Bandwagon IPA / ABV 6.8% / IBU 23

Jump on the bandwagon! This low IBU, super fruity and citrusy IPA is brewed with a sexy dose of El Dorado hops and a healthy smattering of damn good times. Drink up y'all!

S'moredwalk Stout / ABV 6.4% / IBU 28

From our Nitro Series. A rich, chocolate, oatmeal stout infused with graham cracker and vanilla that come together tasting just like your old school campfire treat. This is a hearty S'More flavored stout that will be sure to please those looking for a robust and malt forward beer.