We craft our beer in small batches, about 4 kegs at a time. This gives us the opportunity to experiment constantly with new flavors and styles. Our beer menu changes often so we're always in here brewing and there's always something new on tap.

Boardwalk Blonde Blonde Ale / ABV 4.3% / IBU 22

An easy drinking, light, & tasty blonde ale with subtle fruitiness.

Easy Street Wheat Wheat / ABV 4.4% / IBU 22

Light crisp wheat ale with a hint of citrus. When you're not willing to let summer go, this is the perfect season transitional taste. "It's time to have a little fun, And we're inviting you to come, and see why you should be, On easy street. Yea we got a front row seat, O, to a life that can't be beat, Right here on easy street ,Cause the world is but a treat, When you're on easy street"

Run! Get to the Coppa! Copper Ale / ABV 6.7% / IBU 32

When you're "pushing too many pencils" while the heat is rising, your thirst is unbearable, and you "ain't got time to bleed." Don't forget to "turn around" and reach for a glass of our copper ale.The smooth, balanced, and slightly fruity flavors are sure to make you "stick around" for another glass. Tho the high abv is so camouflaged, you might have to Run! Get to the Choppa!"

Sofa King Sexy Stout / ABV 5.7% / IBU 34

Milk Stout made with dark chocolate cocoa, then aged on cacao nibs and locally farmed strawberries. When you're getting frisky by the fireplace this Valentine's Day, Hail to the Sofa King Baby!

Dunkelstiltskin Dunkelweizen / ABV 6.3% / IBU 19

Weaving grain into liquid gold, If you can guess my name in 2 days, a pint then can be sold. From our "Weekend at Bernie's" series, a traditional dark German wheat beer boasting roasted caramel notes, burnt sugar and rye spiciness. A beer so delicious, you'd be willing to trade your first born child.

Joey Porter Porter / ABV 5.5% / IBU 29

From our nitro line series. This dark porter infused with 1.69 gallons of Coffee gives you the caffeine hit you need to tackle your day, while a small addition of tiramisu flavoring gives it the sweetness you love in a dessert beer